This photo of me reading at Southern Festival of Books is a hint about my new dream. Read about it on RiskADay.com (click photo to follow link).

I’ve been doing such a good job of keeping this blog updated that I’m now writing for another one! (Yes, you are supposed to read a little sarcasm into that announcement.)

Somehow, Laura Biering over at Risk a Day talked me into being a contributing writer. I did not have time for it, but I said yes anyway. Thank goodness she didn’t have some ocean front property to sell me, too.

My day is the 4th of each month. This being the 4th, I wanted to make a good impression, so I’ve actually posted my first entry, The Power of Admitting Your Dreams, on time.

All kidding aside, Laura is a certified coach to individuals, couple, groups and more. She’s also writing a book about “women  in the arts and entertainment industry who have found – and are using – their true voices.”  A mutual friend introduced us, and I’m honored to be one of the women interviewed in her forthcoming book.  Laura recently decided that it really does take a village to keep up with a daily blog, so she’s asked women in her book as well as other friends to each contribute just once a month. Now, how hard can that be?

I hope you’ll check it out. In today’s blog, I write about a friend’s risk in admitting her dream (with her permission, of course), and I confess a new dream of my own. If you have your own story to share – through a comment, email or conversation – I’d love to hear it, as I’m sure I’ll be looking for inspiration for the 4th of next month soon!

From The Power of Admitting Your Dreams

Less than six weeks ago, a good friend and I had a conversation about one of her deepest aspirations. She’s been on the staff at her church for many years, but she confessed to me for the first time that she’s listening for a call from God to be an ordained minister.

I understood this was big.  Like me, she’s a daughter of the South and the modern feminist movement, a woman molded as much by the hospitality and charm of Southern Living as the ideals of Ms. magazine.  Continue reading